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who is tlg?

Since 1996, the loyalty group consulting has helped great organizations adapt to change and sustain high performance by focusing on people and culture. Through our partnership with Strategy Muse, a co-op of seasoned and talented consultants, tlg can scale and provide holistic solutions to your biggest change management, culture and leadership development challenges.

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about phyllis roteman, founder & senior consultant

Armed with a laptop, phone, coffee table and a passion for consulting, Phyllis started tlg from a studio apartment while pursuing her MBA at the University of Miami. She quickly built relationships with clients from top companies who recognized Phyllis’ strategic and pragmatic approach to solving business problems and building high-performance cultures. Before starting tlg, Phyllis developed her consulting chops as a consultant at Development Dimensions International, where she crafted and implemented customized solutions for global clients. She’s known for her energy, humor and ability to gain credibility with even the toughest audience.

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